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Name:Sam Aston
Birthdate:Dec 17

Sam Aston

DOB: March 20th AC 153
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington; but moved to an L3 colony shortly after with parents. Family originally from the American Midwest.

Info: Sam grew up on the colony as a first generation citizen, before getting a grant and an apprenticeship with a construction and maintenance company on L2 V08744. He's lived there ever since working as a salvage/maintenance and construction laborer.

In 175, peace minded Sam was shocked to learn about the assassination of Heero Yuy and even less thrilled to find out how the Alliance was approaching the issue. He could no longer contact his parents, nor could he leave the colony for any reason without facing years of bureaucratic hurdles. So he took his situation and made the best of it. To him, the year is currently 178, three years after the drastic militarization of space.

[Disclaimer: This is an OC for the Anime Gundam Wing. Those familiar with the show should be able to figure out who he's supposed to be and I apologize for nothing.]
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